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Our Story

LGI Kitchen’s vision is to provide a well-designed, user friendly platform where foodies of all different levels and backgrounds can manufacture their unique products.


Our kitchens are fully stocked and equipped.  We are accredited and inspected by county, state, federal and ASI agency.  The dedicated and friendly staff at LGI keeps an immaculate and safe environment. We strive to provide a positive and productive experience.

We are like a family here.  The environment is buzzing with energy where people of different culinary cultures intermingle, interact, grow and prosper.

"We are like a family here"
Marjan Khoyi
Founder, CEO
Thirty-six years of success!

LGI Kitchen didn't start out as a shared kitchen. For the past 36 years this certified kitchen has been home to a successful pasta manufacturing company.  Due to popular demand LGI Kitchen organically evolved into a shared facility.

Our clients are people who want to get into the food business without having to incur the cost of building a full kitchen. We have a variety of clientele from catering, meal prep, bakers, private cooking, sauce makers to pet food.

LGI Kitchen is centrally located, open 24/7 and eager to partner with you in your adventure.

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